Video Release: 原色 GENSHOKU (primary colours)


“Beaugan” is about rawness and spirit; of purity and dirt.

Since its conception (2017), BEAUGAN has intended to act to conceive and support creative venture. As best we can, using only our limited personal resources; we wish to instigate and develop interesting thought projects; by connecting talents, tinkerers and creators, we hope that; we can create documents of unique cultural expressions with a hope that we may represent and inspire real people.

This latest project, a short film; is a collaborative effort, instigated by BEAUGAN and a collaborative effort between Tokyo based Musician; Mars89 and Film-maker Jesse L. Freeman (Edited by Youna Lee with sound/cinematography by Thomas Beswick). This is a document in time inspired by a serendipitous moment of inspiration from an unexpected source –

“After doing the socializing at some otherwise unmemorable fashion party, we were on our way home. It was October, it was cold and at the time raining. The normally busy streets had become quiet, after the drunken salary men and hipsters had already retired on the last trains home.

The faint sounds of freestyling caught my ears as we walked, shuffling down the dimly lit paths bordering the perimeter of Yoyogi park.

Hearing music coming from the park isn’t actually that uncommon, and wouldn’t normally peak my interest, but on this occasion, it was different; the park was ghostly and abandoned, blanketed in a fine mist from the rain and cold, the park was otherwise vacant, void of people apart from this sound that was emanating from within. Additional to this, the skills sounded good. I wanted to see; who are they? These people; motivated and out, still battling still training despite, the dark despite the gloom.

As we approached further, we gazed upon the silhouettes of three people, they were circling, shifting between each other, stepping into the into the light interchangeably to spit their rhymes.

The light was dim, surrounded by cardboard boxes, trash and umbrellas of the sleeping homeless, of that bridge, we discovered the identity of these rappers.

Three high-school kids.

We were immediately taken in by these kids’ energy; nice flows and unfettered demeaners – seemed to me that they possessed skill beyond their age, they were good. Smoothly transitioning complex lyrics through a slew of 90s beats; their spirit reminded me of my own youth.

This conviction. passion from these kids - I was happy to be reminded what’s important, to get back to these roots.



Film Direction:

Jesse Freeman

Instagram: @jesselfreeman


Original score by:


Instagram: @_Mars89


Sound and cinemaphotography:

Thomas Beswick


Edited by

Youna Lee



MC racer,



(feat. Suzuka)

Christopher Hancy